Something about me.


I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Milan is a wonderful town, not exactly what you would expect from an Italian city. It is known for being the economic and financial heart of the country and as a capital of fashion. Milan features also a groovy underground music scene and a vibrant design and fine art environment.

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The Lake

Despite the fact that I grew in a city my roots lay in this wonderful place on the Maggiore Lake. Here is where I always spent weekends and summers with my family and where I moved once my Italian studies were concluded. This small town has a special place in my heart and is where I always have felt home. The peace and beauty of it have often been the source of my inspiration and the surrounding of my dearest memories.


I currently live in Stockholm, a very multi-ethnic city – 16% of its inhabitants are immigrants – and for this reason it is one of the main innovation hubs in the world. The capital of Sweden is not only a wonderful and extremely active city, but it is also surrounded by large areas of wild and silent nature. In fact one of my favourite landscapes, the Stockholm Skärgården, an archipelago of 24'000 islands and islets, is just at half an hour from my door.

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I love mountains

Here is where I find peace and relief. I love everything about mountains, their air and silence in particular. Ever since I was very young I was used to wander in the Alps and every once in a while I felt the need to go back to them. I love and practice most of the mountain activities such as trekking, climbing, ski, fishing, downhill, mountainbiking...and mushroom picking! Some of my best trekking achievements have been the mount Ortles (3905m), mount Zebru (3740m), mount Tresero (3602m) and mount Cima Piazzi (3439m).

I love music

I grew up in a very musical family ad ever since I was very little I have been performing in theatre acts and musicals. From the age of 12 I started playing guitar and composing my own music. Some few years after I installed my first music software and from that moment music has constantly been my life companion. In last years beside acoustic and electric guitar I took up playing banjo, ukulele, harmonica, keys, synthesizers, samplers and sequencers. I always tried to build up a multiple skills profile by taking up the ability to understand, write and play music notation, songwriting, arranging, recording, performing with several instruments and with my voice. This allowed me to create and express music in many different and complete ways.

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My passion for music does not only apply to the one I create, but also for the music others have created. I have a vast knowledge of the main musical genres and the history of music from the 50's to nowadays. My curiosity often went beyond and inquired about the social, economic and technological changes which accompanied the history of music. Here are some data mining visualization created with Tableau about my extensive iTunes library.

I love travelling

Traveling is what I always spent my savings on. I love the feeling of being free and abandoned to the road. I love Europe and I have been exploring large areas during the last years even though a lot is still to be seen. Here is a legend of the map:
Yellow line - 2007 Bus trip (Berlin, Nurnberg, Munich)
Blue line - 2008 Bus trip (Wien, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague)
Green line - 2009 Interrail (Barcelona, Tarragona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich)
Violet line - 2011 Bus + Bicycle trip (Malaga, Cordova, Granada, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Cadiz, Algarve, Lisbon)
Red Line - 2012 Interrail (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Malmö, Göteborg, Oslo, Bergen, Karlstad, Stockholm, Åbo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä).

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I love handcrafting

Ever since my LEGO blocks I always liked to create objects, tools and handcrafts. Beside the handcrafting of bicycles I created some lamps and other home furniture and decor items. Here are some examples.

About this website

This website was created and coded by me with the help of my flatmate Joep. Except for those photos I personally shot, most of the pictures are taken by my former KTH classmate Simon. Other pictures present in the galleries were shot by my sister Eleonora and my friends Simone, Davide, Marco, Fabio and Ruben.