Man Of Dusk

The one man band project "Man Of Dusk" started in 2012 when I started rearranging and playing around with my tunes of the previous 7 years. I didn't exactly know where to bring these songs, but the passion for both folk and blues guitar and 70's-80's synthesizers shaped them into a sort of post new-wave electronic rock. During the fall 2012/2013 I selected the four tracks which are recorded into the EP "Inner Dive", self produced beside one of my best friends and music partner Simone. After the presentation of the record in Spring 2013 I performed in several venues in Italy and Switzerland, among those the most important are Magnolia and Carroponte (Milan), Carmen Town (Brescia), and the festival "Guree Beach Vibration" (Maggiore Lake).

Adele e il Mare

"Adele e il Mare" starts in June 2011 as a one man band project by Simone Sproccati. In March 2012 the project is joined by Davide (percussions) and they launch first EP "La Pioggia è Finita". In the second half of 2012 the band is joined by Fabio (bass) and they start to perform and work at the album "Origami" which is produced and launched in early 2013. "Adele e il Mare" (joined by Matteo Campostrini as stage member) performed in some major venues of Nothern Italy and Switzerland sharing the stage with some important artists such as Umberto Maria Giardini, Thegiornalisti, Paletti.

Adele e il Mare Interview

Les Baionettes

The duo project "Les Baionettes" starts in fall 2011. During some courses at the University of Milan, I got to know Simone Sproccati and the initial interest towards each other's projects soon became a new music experience. The concept was to present covers of a wide repertoire in their most essential electro-acoustic new arrangements built around two guitars and two voices and some live sampled loops. Soon we found the name "Les Baionettes" and we recorded our demo EP with 5 covers. In the two years 2011 and 2012 we have been performing in some important venues in Milan with a live performance of 20-30 tunes.

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Guree Beach Vibration Festival

This project was born from a group of friends of two small towns, tired of the selection of the local events, constantly choosing classic hits rock cover bands and cheap mainstream djs. The first edition of the Guree Beach Vibration Festival in 2013 on the beautiful Maggiore Lake was a big success despite the small size of the event. The bands performing (Faya Freedom, Man of Dusk and Brutaltape) were at the same time organizers and technicians of the events. I am personally involved in the organization and management of the event and I have been the sound engineer in every of the three editions. The Guree Beach Vibration Festival grew considerably in size in the next two editions and in 2015 the event recorded an increase of 200% in the number of participants.

Shuffle and Commissioned Works

My musical experiences started very early and covered a wide range of genres as folk, blues, alternative rock, pop rock, punk, hip-hop, reggae, drum'n'bass, dubstep, breakbeat and progressive house. I started to compose, perform and record my own music when I was 12 and that has been my biggest passion ever since. My first experiences are not organized and have been published or recorded under different names (Silver Oak, Teo, Kampo, Rembrandt-27, Mind Warp etc.) During these years I had the pleasure to know, work and have fun with several artists: Faya Freedom, Brutaltape, Dj WZA, the Wyns, Insooner, Frozen Farmers, Ronin Yaro, Il Té degli Orsi, Milf3d Brothers, Dire Necro Cerberus, Cavour and others.