Teo's Cycles

The self-funded activity "Teo's Cycles" was naturally born from my passion for bicycles. I've always been fascinated by how simple bicycles are and how their technology seems to be good enough for us (and for them) since long time ago. I started learning to fix my own bikes as I was usung them too much to cope with the cost of repairs. Later I started to create my "Frankenstein" bicycles, putting together parts from old bikes and junkyard scraps.

Here is "Itala" my favourite bicycle, a present for a good friend.

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Design and Manufacturing

Soon I will start a welding course and maybe one day realise my dream of designing my own frames. Lately I started some collaborations with my friend and flatmate Lorenzo, professional designer – HERE you can see more of Lorenzo's work.

While I focus on choosing the components and take care of the mechanics, he designs the patterns and takes care of the painting.

Here is "La Stoccolma", created together in Summer 2017.

My Creations

In this page there are some pictures of bicycles I have restored between 2010 and 2018. Most of them are models of the main italian manufacturers (Bianchi, Bottecchia, Carnielli, Chiorda, etc.) restored and preserved in their original mechanical parts. I personally invented the frame design with the 2 color bands on a background tone. For the moment this pattern suits vintage bicycles pretty well, but I am currently looking for a designer for a more sporty and modern pattern as I am now working with mountainbikes as well.

Here is "La Portatutto", created in Summer 2015.

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I Love Bikes

Cars are the past, bicycles are the future.
Bicycles are so simple, naive, sincere, quick and cheap.
People have much to learn from them.

I have always been into bikes and I was always curious to try something new.
Lately I got fascinated by the versatility of cyclocross bikes, perfect for my job of tour designer. I was introduced to road cycling by my previous boss and that's when I started loving the great distances.
My greatest love was MTB in particular cause I grew up around the Alps where there is no limit to what you can call a "single track". ...And of course I have a thing for the classy Italian strollers.

Some Commissioned Bikes

Here are some shuffle commissioned works for friends and customers.

"You never have wind with you - either it is against you or you are having a good day"
D. Behrman - The Man Who Loved Bicycles (1973)

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